Free Generation Naturals Testimonials


"I've tried just about every natural deodorant under the sun over the past few years and time and time again I kept going back to Dove bc the natural brands just couldn't keep me as fresh as I would like.
Just some background, I am a martial arts instructor and whenever I'm out on the floor teaching I'm usually sweating (which also means demonstrating for my group or even doing the workout/class by being someone's partner when there is an odd number of people in the class). So teaching 4 hours a day plus taking my own class can really put any deodorant to the test. And that is just my job! I also cycle and do strength training in my off time. So when I got a stick of the lavender/Rosemary with baking soda I decided to put it through the ringer. I can't afford to not be fresh at work, after all, regardless of how physical I've been that day.
The first day I tried it, I applied when I got up and dressed for the day. I did a 1 hour weight lifting session at home before work, decided I didn't need to reapply before work and then went on to teach for a few hours and toward the end of my shift I took a double class (two 40 min classes for black belts and adults). I was completely drenched with sweat but after three tough workouts and a day of teaching I still smelled like lavender at the end of the day. First brand that has given me better results than Dove without all the questionable ingredients. I'm stoked to finally have a natural deodorant that lets me work hard but not smell like I'm working hard."
Stefanie Shryock, Tae Kwon Do Instructor at Master Moon's World Class Tae Kwon Do

"As an aerialist, I'm always performing...with the thickest, reddest lipstick that exists. And the driest! When I'm not on stage, my lips need the softest, silkiest lip balm to keep them from being totally dried. I have tried so many natural lip balms. They would be okay, but the texture would fall apart after a short time and become almost lumpy. Free Generation Naturals' Lip Balm is BY FAR the most superior lip balm. The texture is AND stayed silky smooth and soft. I have found my for-life lip balm. For sure!"
- Jamie Glowacki, aerialist and author of "Oh Crap! Potty Training"

"I have tried every natural deodorant on the market. There wasn't a single one that was completely effective and was gentle enough for my sensitive skin, until I discovered Free Generation Naturals' Lemon Probiotic Deodorant Cream.  I will never use another brand!"   
- Gretchen Wahlstedt, runner and owner of the Birdhouse Inn & Gardens in Excelsior, MN

"Amazing natural deodorant and lip balm. I did some Beta testing with this company and loved it. I was surprised at how well it performed even after a sweaty day outside and at the Y. I used to have to reapply with natural deodorants so never was really thrilled. This one rocks. I really loved how these felt when I tested them (baking soda free), so much better than any I ever made." 

- Kate P., Registered Nurse, Froedtert Community Memorial Hospital, Menomonee Falls, WI